Goddess, a "light-worker" deeply connected & in alignment with source, Free-Spirit, "Hippie- gypsy" fairy, traveler, dancer, grounded but has invisible neon green wings & lasers that shoot out from her feet to make her even faster, connected with green & plants (all of nature & flowers), peacemaker (mischievous according to authority- ElectroLyn breaks the rules & does what she wants), lover, tea & coffee drinker, vegan, yogi, musician, artist, slam poet, runner, cartoon character, entertainer, performer, theatrical actress..  

Peacemaker; "the light" Persona of Patoirlove; first discovered.
Chakras: Green (Heart) & Violet (Crown) Can switch between the Heart & Crown Chakra
Weapons/ Tools Voice, Mandolin (tuned in 528Hz & always on back prepared to go), [iPad] Novation Launchpad & Figure- to make electronic music & sounds, Green flashlight, candles, stones/ crystals, green, sage, incense, light
Secret Powers "Zaps consciousness back into people with her green flashlight, shocks people, breaks up fights, quick runner, invisible in the night, known in the underground to have magical powers, slick moves
Visual Traits Long fake green hair extensions, hat with her symbol on it, mask worn up and sideways on head, reversible vest, scarfs, tie, red ganesh necklace, 
Activities Star, moon, & sun gazing, gratitude lists, Chanting/ Humming/ Singing, Dancing, Running/ Walking/ Hiking, Martial Arts, Yoga, Going into nature (tree spine alignments & hugs), adventures, meditation, music making, "author in the sky", always pressing record making podcasts or "song-beads" as she calls them on the fly, makes magical mischief (though positive "wrongdoings" done in order to make the world a better place, fixes "evil" street art & turns it into loving messages, making peace between fights, spreading love & peace, leaves traces of street art in all forms left behind like clues to a mystery, creates  quick "vegan" snack meals, photographer, videographer/ filmaker, creator of "one minute films"
Mission Here to wake up the world & "zap" consciousness back into them all so everyone is living as their greatest version.. including the robots. Goal: Peace on earth for all.

Danielle Patoir is known professionally as PATOIRLOVE; A singer-songwriter, musician (performer/ & recording artist), free-styling dance artist, inventor/creator, writer (also author in the sky), entertainer, & occasional comedian. Born on September 6th, 1985, she has been writing songs as long as she could use her imagination. The mandolin & guitar are her "go-to" instruments though she dabbles with "synths" & "percussion" as well. She is known for creating her own eclectic sound by stitching "the cutting edge" of truth with the mandolin between alternating dance beats, & female vocals (that hook & sooth "everything"). Her "words of wisdom" are influenced by all sorts of archetypes, as she has been spending much time "connecting with source" & has completely undergone a transformation.

Recently, Patoirlove has embraced one of her alter egos she calls "ElectroLyn"; a "light-worker," goddess, free-spirit, vegan, "run-walking & dancing in nature" yogi who is "in alignment with source" & here to spread "love & peace" around the world by getting everybody in line dancing. Influenced by the works of Abraham Hicks, Infinite Waters, Tara Stiles, Eckhart Tolle, Mary Morrissey & more; her "highest- version" strives to show that the "way of life" is to "be love" & it is exhilarating when you let it live through you. Her "butterfly" tattoo with a double- infinite symbol as the body, represents not only the power of "love" & "transformation" but the merging of the infinite to reveal hidden meaning that goes way beyond skin deep. She even goes as far to represent the "passion pouring out from inside" with the "red ink" centered in the butterfly's wings to "flying high" with the tips being colored- "green". 

She is here to "illuminate the path" for people using her neon- green "glow-stick" flash-light (made of the 528Hz "love" frequency ), which is also used to "zap" awareness back into people. Her persona's "image" also includes green hair extensions (representing all of the ingenious creative ideas she has been recording but wasn't "letting- go" of 'til now), glowing wrist & head bands (remember: you hold the power within you), a white headband with black "4- leaf clovers foreshadowing "good luck"", a "mother of pearl" necklace (as a creator of "song-beads", a few podcast books, #oneminfilms, a show & more). She also wears a red theatrical 1/2 mask worn-up & to the side of her head while matching it with a red choker that features a Ganesha pendant (Ganesha: God of New Beginnings, the lord of letters & learning, removal of obstacles) in-line with her throat chakra (channeling the voice of the deity, while joking around). Her outfit changes from time to time but some trademarks are neon spandex shorts with geometric shapes printed on them (representing the connections of the stars in the universe), a shimmery vest when worn inside out (to show we are all mere "reflections" of one another mirroring the universe) & various props that cue in when the "show" calls for spontaneity. 

She aims to "light up this world" (as you will notice "psychedelic" lights giving that "atmospheric" appeal. For her, it is about sharing our souls "gifts" from our hearts that genuinely "light-us-up", balancing all of our "chakras" in the body & expanding out into the universe we are... the frequency of "love". "ElectroLyn" will make you realize that you are in for a "surprise " called "LIFE" & you can decide to take a slice or not but she will be ""Spicing it up" in "KnoW time" 'cos it's "SHOW-time""!!! Words that became her 'slogan as she is constantly throwing random ingredients together; the art of the captivating deity. Always on the "go" & "going with the flow", making lines up, & head-lines with the amount of heads lighting up. You can "catch her"  as she "lights up" so refresh your screen & "sign up." 


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